Journal in Transience

Traversing Memory, 2016, archival inkjet, silkscreen 24 x 18 in

Stable. Focus., 2016, archival inkjet, silkscreen 24 x 18 in
"The smaller moments in between times of transition"

The Weight of Longing, 2016, archival inkjet, silkscreen, 24 x 18 in
"you once told me that you must to be grounded before you can fly"

Journal in Transience is a miniature suite inspired by the journey, environment, and the self. Being exposed to the elements, coupled with the natural desire to seek homeostasis, causes an internal dialogue to assess your well-being. When traveling we are not only engaging in our physical environment but our own mental environment as well. These prints showcase the moment of internal reflection and rest just before, during, or after departure. It is a crucial time of gaining one’s footing before setting off again on that necessary journey.

The Offering, 2016, archival inkjet, silkscreen 24 x 18 in
"On the journey one must make sacrifices- surrender and embrace"

The Departure, 2016, archival Inkjet, silkscreen 24 x 18 in
"Sometimes it feels like you have to become the path you're walking on. You look down that long road and you can feel your legs strengthen to support you for the necessary and inevitable walk..."