Guided by my experiences and a multifaceted study of human connection, I explore manifestations of interpersonal connectivity and enrich my understanding of their implications in the greater human experience. These immaterial subjects are fascinating to me and have a relationship to contextualizing my own social desires and shortcomings, and to learn about ways to encourage meaningful connection with and between others in a world that is increasingly feeling separate. These interests stem from an arduous and broadening hitchhiking journey that a friend and I took in the summer of 2010. Totaling over 6000 miles around the United States, it was a primarily a search for new homes and experiences to break the doldrums of life at the time. Through this journey I found myself longing for genuine and compassionate human connections. This was caused by frustration from unexpectedly awkward or abrasive interactions with strangers that I assumed were caused by my appearance as a homeless transient. Having been faced with this so often forced me to reflect on the importance of pro-social connections throughout all of our lives and eventually ponder existential questions like: What is our connective and collective potential and how can we encourage awareness of such subjects? The act of wondering and the effort it takes to move in the direction of what can be possible will always be there, and these things are what propel me forward.

            I have allowed these inquiries to guide me towards a deeper curiosity and a multifaceted understanding through my research and artistic practice. The work, primarily through photographic manipulation and printmaking, becomes an exploration of these relationships by using the self and transparency, obscuration, reflection, lyrical poetry, beauty, and themes of the encounter. There is a need in my work and life to connect with others through my experience and this is also a need that is broadly shared and necessary. I work by taking in social occurrences, both my own and the observed interactions of others, sifting through that data, then internalizing and reflecting it back visually in an attempt to understand it in a more complete and intersectional way. The intention and hope is to encourage understanding and a deeper awareness of our shared humanity to promote civil discourse. Exploring themes surrounding human connection allows for a feeling of reverence in regards to my relation to the Earth and to the greater human collective.